Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Panchayat meets to address the elephant in the room.

Panchayat assembly
Viakerala Studio witnessed a mass assembly of gundoo elephants. Inspired by the high decibel campaigning, they also decided to have a little meeting of their own. As it posed no threat of civil unrest, the meeting was allowed to proceed in peace. Some of them have even volunteered to guard the poll booths during elections. Here are the particulars:

caught on camera during a trunk fight
Dominated by the yellow elephant herd, they worked a secular decision to solve colour discrimination amongst themselves by adding a, neutral, checkered jumbo to the group!! These mammals sure prefer their harmony. A trunking coincided with vandalism of Viakerala bags, both the culprits were caught on camera and were convicted with 50 hours on display service. The cause of the fight still remains unknown.
The panchayat is also getting ready for the coming season, even though they need more numbers, they are sticking with handmade production line.
at the after party

At the after party, Gundoo elephants were seen celebrating the success of initial four years of their 1st five year plan.

report by: Blessy John (really not a journalist type designer)
photo by: Usha P. (budding photographer)