Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Jenn & her elefriends tale

A little oondu & a little gundu
A playful & minimalist take on our elephant; hand crafted with locally sourced handloom cotton is one of our all time favourites at Viakerala. They are available in different textures and colours, though with every new batch slight variations in colour are inevitable.

Who says soft, chubby, round elephants are only for kids!? 

Lovely Jenn & her herd.
Sometimes, like how it happened with Jenn, it gets hard to be without them. On one of her visits to India, she carried along with her a bunch of Viakerala elephants who lost their way on the flight back to Canada. This time around, we made sure she was reunited with her herd of elefriends who flew all the way from Cochin to meet her at Delhi.

She sends her regards with Toompa (Red), Ramu (Blue), Deepthi (yellow) and Uma (green), as she lovingly calls them.