Friday, 17 July 2015

Welcome, Karkidada Maasam!

Day 1 of Karkidaka Maasam
It is the fourth month of lunar calendar – Cancer a.k.a Karkidaka in malayalam. Doted with plentiful rains, this month is about self-reflections and restrain. (that’s how the tradition goes)

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The monsoons flourish the great back-waters and people alike, also the tiny micro-organisms. Strictly, the way we see it, the advised ‘healthy-leafy-diet’ for this month is a science of fighting the ill-effects (one of  the very few) of monsoons. 
Diet and meditate = cleanse and total rejuvenation. 
When in Kerala, try the Malayalee way.

The Hindu has more to say..  read it here

Happy Monsoons to all!!

Also, Eid Mubarak!! these are some happy co-incidences.

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