Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A shop via Kerala

Marco and Gianna walked into viakerala for the pre-launch curious to know our italian connection (via = street; in Italian). we told them about the similar connotation in literal postman terminology, but also talked about journey as a motif for artistic exploration.
heres a few things they found interesting - our content wall, works in progress; development drawings, quirky thoughts, design process... even the attention to detail in the fabrics and textures sourced entirely from local weavers.
we're not going to let out the stock list, but heres a sneak peek ;-)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Research + Play = Design

The design team at viaKerala has been working behind the scenes with artists, users, wildlife researchers & photographers, naturalists and even young kids to develop interesting awareness products at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. We have some names to name and some friends to meet:

Dr. A. Veeramani, Ecologist, Periyar Foundation, Periyar Tiger Reserve
M.Balasubramanian Ph.D. Conservation Biologist, Periyar Foundation
P. Jeganathan, Coordinator, Conservation Education Programme, NCF Rainforest Research Station
Salim, Naturalist, Raxa Collective

Joshi Manjummel, Wildlife photographer
Kannan, Senior forest watcher, Periyar foundation

Dr.Unni Krishnan Pulikkal

Republic Day Pre-Launch!

Not official yet but yes, you're welcome inside!
Take a sneek peek at the first viaKerala store, near Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Thekkady! Checkout the interaction center, meet our designers, and take back some cool Wild5Five hero t-shirts n your way back from the Periyar National Park. The compilation of the wild pack from Periyar is a definite must.

An experiment in typography

 The malayalam letterform is symbolic of the character of Kerala and its people; the rounded curves resonate the sound of the spoken language. The viaKerala letterform is an experiment that combines vernacular street signage with a modern futura; a typographic tribute to malayalam.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

the flying elephant

Ever walked into a Kerala store without seeing a wooden elephant, or rather, a collection of wooden elephants? typical, boring, predictable. that seems to define everything from Kerala. But hell no! the people are vibrant, educated, they travel the world and are philosophers at heart.

Kerala viaKerala

We stir up pride in the heart of a malayalee, and plant intrigue in the heart of a traveler. We divulge obscure local happenings, promote the finest hand made crafts, and connect interested adventurers with the local inhabitants. We weave together the mysticism of tradition with the momentum of modernity.